Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cruising Spots In Usa Perfect Family VAcation In USA?!?!?!?

Perfect family VAcation in USA?!?!?!? - cruising spots in usa

My family needs a vacation in the .. U.S. somewhere in the vicinity of New York and Pennsylvania.

his cousin difficult

I love tropical beaches ... n, whose Papa Mama
Dad loves camp .. Rain ... I'm so tired of camping --
Boston Mom thinks .. but .. does not cause me or Dad
I Luv a cruise. Parents do not
I love amusement parks and water attractions. parents
Mama wants the Grand Canyon. n = my father is not fair:)

u can find something that works for all of us?

also a general idea ... But if we could find someone is a .. idk Nice as a campground, where all the cabins are not occupied territories and around the lake or the sea tropical ... to go sightseeing in the vicinity is .. wow that would be great (10 POINTS BEST ANSWER)

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