Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Diy Long Travel Daughter's Bedroom?

Daughter's bedroom? - diy long travel

Hey! My last question you may have read about doing certain things in my room again adolescent girl. We decided to adapt it to your place for a queen "and it is surprising bohemian-glam + ... As I mentioned in my other question, it was 13 and she loves photography, animation, travel, and modeling / acting. .. It's very funny ... And I want to show you to your room. Unfortunately, a bit smaller than his old room.
so far: I've decided to share his bed in a corner at an angle .. far ... so it is like a sofa. IM also an old toy box, correct front, it can be used as a coffee table .. but also act as a cut flower above his bed.

The ... I do not know ...
Please help (links / photos / DIY projects are great!)
thank you ...

- Missy

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