Saturday, December 5, 2009

High School Sluts Whats Up With Kids At My School Getting "high" And Sluts Going For Them?

Whats up with kids at my school getting "high" and sluts going for them? - high school sluts

aka smoking pot? The children say things like: "It's amazing," blah, blah, blah feels, but I do not understand it. This guy like me should be in a gang, and always with his friends at parties still high. That's what they say in school. Why is smoking bad girls sluts, the pot?


Nirvana.... said...

It's stupid.
They are not anywhere in life if they are fixed.

And because it's an easy target for whores.
Think about it.

You go to the good?
Since there is then no light and the bad, the rebels.

cyan said...

She realizes that he just called himself a right s.lut? Chicks go for people like this, because up to this point in their lives who have been under the control of parents and school and want to find their way so that your boys, who have attracted broken (although havent). later realized that these guys chicks are useless (and should). People simply want to rebel and not

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