Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thyroid Pain More Condition_symptoms About An Hour Or Two After I Take My Thyroid Medicine, I Get Chest Pain, And My Neck Tightens...?

About an hour or two after I take my thyroid medicine, I get chest pain, and my neck tightens...? - thyroid pain more condition_symptoms

This was done with the prescription of Synthroid Faust ... amended to allow the physician the medication for thyroid Armor .... These symptoms seem to have disappeared, but now they are again and again. I wonder if this is normal or if anyone else has experience with this type of side effects. Chest pain is more or less in an area on the right side, feels like someone stuck a pencil or something as small as the area around it burns a little, but not extending Beyond Thean. The area is still tender. My throat tightened, it is hard to swallow. Ideas please.

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