Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Deep Fryer Whats The Best Way To Deep Fry A Turkey At Home... Without A Deep Fryer?

Whats the best way to deep fry a turkey at home... without a deep fryer? - best deep fryer

Suggestions on how I can fry an concustion to a turkey of 22 pounds of thanksgiving ... We have a deep fryer large enough ... but I wanted some suggestions on what to bring, if I make a fire outside.


<3 said...

Please save the speed dial 911, before you try this.

Could be a good idea to let your neighbors know that a head of time for them all their memories of their homeland before their houses were burned to obtain.

It's just a neighborhood, what to do.

blakelem... said...

Very dangerous gas stove and beyond requires BTU opened fire is too dangerous with the amount of oil. £ 22 is too large, 12 to 14 pounds is better than burning off the Turkey before the turkey is cooked in several ways. They are absolutely delicious and moist. Use peanut Oille only deal with the heat. Make sure that Turkey is dry, the moisture causes the pot to bring to a boil and fire. Be large pot boil volume doubled, so 22 pounds is too large.

Dave C said...

£ 22 is too big for the frying. Most kits fryer pots are not large enough to handle a bird of this size.

In general, you should stay below 15 kilos.

The only way around this problem is to split the bird in the middle or even break.

Since it is planned to burn a better alternative to salt and smoke, Turkey, from a smoker.

brightey... said...

Never fry a turkey in a real fire. The oil ignites at 450 degrees. You need a thermometer in the fryer, and relates very closely.

Please go not compromise your family! Take two small birds or more fryer.

Here is a recipe for great Cajun Fryer:

libbyami said...

God is why doctors are worried about the holidays, why should not be reduced, such as a chicken rebuilt? It would be easier to handle. You can even your butcher to do it for you

Pat F said...

Do you have all your family NO DO IT INSIDE. Just admit that you do not have the right equipment and cooking. Where do you live? My son loves fire.

Styvi | R said...

Not really sure you can, cut out, and perhaps like chicken without the fried mass. Do not be so good.

nathan b said...

Not until you know more about him. Roast a turkey can be dangerous for the layman ... especially with the wrong team.

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