Saturday, January 9, 2010

Timber Retaining Wall Cost How Do You Install A Retaining Wall Made Of Timber Logs? Do You Need Some Type Of Lining Beforehand?

How do you install a retaining wall made of timber logs? Do you need some type of lining beforehand? - timber retaining wall cost

This is a small area 8feet long and 4 meters wide

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goldwing said...

How high? If it is low ... not more than, say, 24 ", then set the posts into the ground about 3 feet as the fence posts in concrete instead. Entries must be pressure treated or rot in no time. Then the PT is 4X4 woodpile on the contributions and nail , as you go, make sure that all seams are placed in their case and locking positions. backfilling and ready. If the wall is higher, you do not use this method ... "dead" on the wall. good luck.

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