Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Canon A95 Battery Issue Is There A Way To Delete Pictures Off A Canon A95...?

Is there a way to delete pictures off a Canon A95...? - canon a95 battery issue

if the camera does not turn on? I was about to delete certain images that I did not before the battery went out. I have the new batteries and the camera will not turn on. Is there a way to images when the camera is not working to delete? Probably not, but I am desperate. Or you can tell me how can I add the camera to work again?


Shorty said...

If you use a memory card to store pictures, take the memory card) it to the computer (in the appropriate slot, and delete photos from there.

If you use the internal memory, there's really no way to access their photos until they fix the camera.

I hope your warranty is still valid. Following the instructions that came with your camera, send it to Canon for repair (to ensure that the damage was not caused by an accident, even if, as a warranty does not cover such damage)

Elvis said...

It must be repaired by Canon.
Remove the memory card and use a card reader

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