Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Load Mutual Funds I Saw On A Tv Show That I Should Only Be Buying No Load Mutual Funds. Is This Right?

I saw on a tv show that I should only be buying no load mutual funds. Is this right? - no load mutual funds

I called my agent who sold me tons of "load" funds, and stated that load funds are generally better-run and that the Commission take into account the marketing as an expense. He said that most people are not at the time of the brain, have to buy their own funds? Tell me what is right?

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apg2000 said...

He said that most people do not have the time or the brain? OMG, I ask myself into. Stock abandon your agent a precondition to the Commission on 12bII. No charges have many different forms, check all details of the cost. If you are a beginner, and want to learn more about the actions, then I suggest that research into ETFs? They are like mutual funds, other than taxes are lower and are more transparent and trade throughout the day and after hours. One can discover a lot about stocks, investing online. I like the MSN Money Web site, which taught me to use a lot. Good luck, and always after a prospective, before buying an investment from anyone.

Oh, and since it is a Yahoo site, I thought I should mention that Yahoo has a finance pages. I bounce back and forth between the two, because both functions of the others do not. How can I transfer my investment in Yahoo with Yahoo Messenger.

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