Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dragonball Doujinshi Bulma And Vegeta *DBZ* Doujinshi's Real Or Made Up?

*DBZ* doujinshi's real or made up? - dragonball doujinshi bulma and vegeta

Http: / / /? Img = Doujinshi / Dragon Ball 20Z/Pairings/Bulma% +% 26 + Vegeta / & s = 30 & image = 40

They look like real books. They have pages, stories, etc. doujinshi still do not understand, it's true or false? Akira Toriyama himself calls, or just the DBZ fans? If so, how they can secure their release? Thank you for answering! :)


Raul T said...

= Doujinshi Fan
How can I save? The doujinshi is not published by an important comparison. Basically, they paid a printing company with his own money to sell a certain number of copies to produce a convention. Think of it as the school newspaper or in your directory.

hachaver... said...

're a fan doujinshi. Akira Toyriyama not reached. I looked at the website that you provided and saw a doujinshi DBGT. Akira said never DBGT ... dragonballz he stopped doing it after the Buu Saga. Thereafter he was never another DBZ manga.
it can not really be published DBZ doujinshi? for he is the owner of Akira characters. I do not know.

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