Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Foto De Hannah Montana How Should I Express Demensions In Spanish?

How should I express Demensions in Spanish? - foto de hannah montana

I'm translating a brochure for the school photos. We read, for example:
Class picture 8x10 (class)
How do we translate these measures?


Marc101 said...

You can tell inches (8x10)
or say, 20x25 cm (centimeters)

If you look (20.32x25.4 cm)

Catherin... said...

one can say that the class photo 8 x 10 inch is ... (Customs) or you can convert it to centimeters (cm) inches 1 inch = depends on what you learn in school.

Jocelyn said...

In. = inch

cm = centimeters

I think it inches inches are more common than in Latin America.

Edit: decimal places are written in Spanish as a common btw.

gringa said...

8x10 and ten acht

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