Friday, February 12, 2010

Best Mpg Minivan How To Car Manufacturers Get Away With Their MPG Ratings?

How to Car Manufacturers get away with their MPG ratings? - best mpg minivan

I'm on television, advertisements seen, where Chrysler said the new Chrysler Town & Country minivan gets 25 mpg.

I recently completed a rental for the last 6 weeks and 19 mpg was the best I could find and about 70% of my driving highway (above 50 mph).

I'm staying here at Chrysler, as I never been a number of miles per gallon, each producer who was nearby, what has actually seen the car.

I wonder how it is delivered.



Daniel C said...

This problem was even worse, before it is to revise the rules of miles this year. Remember that the EPA a simulation that uses the car is running on a band-type thing where you just spin the wheels, they did not run hot, no air conditioning, without passengers, you get the idea. The mileage is achieved mainly through the analysis of exhaust gases. Almost all car manufacturers have driven road they put in the fine print in television advertising and newspapers hope that you will not be disclosed poster.

Nigel M said...

First, the mileage is not proven that the producers are determined, it is a test of the EPA with the figures reported by the EPA (U.S. government) rules. This is not "their" opinion is EPA MPG ratings. These are just a few figures, the government publication.

If you stop 55 mph with cruise control, and left at least 150 miles without, you get very, very close to the estimate of the road in the vicinity.

kelly_f_... said...

most are not on a runway in the vicinity or in a garage under normal driving conditions

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