Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yellow Tongue And Nausea Do I Have Acid Reflux?

Do I have acid reflux? - yellow tongue and nausea

Heartburn is usually in the upper chest area and some people awake in the middle of the night will be suffocated by acid reflux.
Although mine is a puzzle in the back of my head, dizziness, nausea, my whole body is pain, my "toothache feels" at how I tried all day since then have lost concentration and white / yellow coating on the tongue, sometimes . The white coating on the tongue is not naive, had to scratch a language, and the results showed that the acid in the stomach.

After a hard night of partying (drinking) can get swollen neck, and I find that hard to swallow. In general, the morning after a hard night of partying is not so bad if I do something that causes symptoms. I'm thinking that you can not drink with sugar in it only a limited amount of milk very well, my stomach feels like a kettle and water is the ingredient added that bubbles and boils. After having all the symptoms described above.

) I went to a gastroscopy and my heart valve (valve between the esophagus and stomach is still somewhat open, you can always pass the acid.

Sufficient control over the food and habit. I have at least half a dozen medications and nothing helped. Is it not perhaps acid reflux, but something else?

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