Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Linda Goodman Horoscope 2010 Any Fans Of Linda Goodman In Here? How Many Of Her Books Have You Read? What Do You Think Of Her?

Any fans of Linda Goodman in here? How many of her books have you read? What do you think of her? - linda goodman horoscope 2010

I have read, not everything, but my wife loved solar signs, symbols of love, Love Poems Zodiac and Venus trine Midnight:


tha G said...

Who is she?

David La Pierre said...

Not me, I've never heard of him, so I guess I did not read books by her. As for what I think of her? I think it is human ... That is all.

rambling... said...

I read "The characters are Sol for many years as a teenager. I loved and I found it interesting. I know not available in full-time in astrology, but it's fun and sometimes it's right on the money when the book's sun signs describes (mine was, at least). It's just something to read of the planet, including the sun, moon, stars and personality ... I know that the moon Add my mood, sometimes influences! just the spice of life, and what can it hurt?

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