Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scabs On Shoulders What Would Be A Likely Cause Of These Scabs?

What would be a likely cause of these scabs? - scabs on shoulders

My cat seems to have some scabs on his chest. I have also found recently, scabs on the tail. They have healed, but then I noticed scabs on his shoulder.

There is an indoor cat, with no contact with other nonhuman animals. He does not have allergies to fleas, but seem to have fleas. We do not take medication because of the chips, which burns the skin, causing hair loss and crusts. Therefore, a history of skin problems, but none of the known causes of skin diseases are actually the problem.


Kizheart said...

Crusts are usually not on broken skin. This means that the cat would have scratched or relief from the itching by rubbing on rough surfaces or sharp looking. If it really badly, should lead to the vet because it could be infections of the skin, which appears as crusts

Misplaced Midwesterner said...

So its hard without seeing, to tell a picture. If the crust seems to be circular, and the hair falls around the area, ringworm a likely cause.

He can ringworm is healing itch for some time and like everyone else, somewhere else and put a new patch.

My cat has ringworm for about 2 months. His ears were round spots, which looked very much like the crust, then spread his legs and tail.

The best thing to do us some pictures online and compare them with the crusts of your cat. If you suspect that your Jock, you are taken to the vet for a culture and prescribe an anti-fungus (lichen, a fungus) is not a worm.

EDG said...

Carefully use a flea comb on him and see if the black future "arena" type (blood and flea eggs.)

I tried to dry him a bath (with shower shampoo my beast of the earth on a hot day like the skin quickly.) Make sure that it is completely dry (pat with paper towel under supervision in a room with the heater going.)

If this fails, take him to the vet so they can understand what is happening. It may be smart ....

tammy g said...

If cat is scratching and biting at the skin and which clearly state in the meat could be the same as my cat is called linear granuloma caused by an allergic reaction to something that occurs in the order, or something you eat .
The best thing is for him to the vet for a definitive answer.

Baby said...

Maybe he has a skin disease, and HES scratches causing him to bleed and scab. HES lick or perhaps simply, I had a cat that licks the nipple. or perhaps their fleas (if applicable)

Richard Nixon said...

The most likely fleas (even if) they cause problems for animals with allergies, but skin mites.

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