Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Much Are The Bowling Shoes At Amf Bowling At AMF?

Bowling at AMF? - how much are the bowling shoes at amf

I wonder what it would cost at AMF Bowling Bowling four boys, like playing three games? When you come to the MFA with a group you could tell me how much it costs including rental of shoes?


koalafam... said...

Our next If a AMF Bowling Center, but every game is $ 5.50 in the evening 7 days per week and $ 5 for a game after 10 clock. We also rent a track 1 hours at 22-25 a day and time that you go. Shoe rental is $ 4.50 per person.

Mustng00... said...

what in different areas other than the AMF Local call and see what they want.

my local AMF was 4.50 for shoes and, like 3-4 per game

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