Monday, February 8, 2010

How Long Can A Stent Remain How Long Does A Stent Last?

How long does a Stent last? - how long can a stent remain

My husband just had a stent placed last week, three days later he had a heart attack. By-pass is a better option in the LAD closed more than 95%?


matador 89 said...

Stenting is a relatively safe procedure. Once an implanted stent, which is part of the body remains forever. However, in-stent restenosis is a normal way in the first 6 months (depending on the length of lesions etc from 8 to 60%). When the heart is completely revascularized have every muscle of the heart to recover the profits in the first period of 3-6 months. It should be evaluated for EF by 2D Echo Doppler. Danger to the life in recovery after a heart attack may, on arrhythmia in cases of low ejection fraction. It must control the risk factors optimally and should follow a stress-free lifestyle. You should also re-evaluated at 6 months (together with the test voltage, etc.), even if asymptomatic. As for your question about the bypass surgery or stent, which is usually a matter between the cardiologist and the patient after a discussion of the pros and cons.
I'll add a link to the details of angioplasty versus bypass surgery for coronary artery disease.

Hope this helps
Matador 89

Tech said...

I hope that the stent is the way forward, because what I have in my LAD coronary arteries.

Young was 99% below the aortic occlusion. My cardiologist did not hesitate to put in a metal stent.

I will see 2 or 3 times a year, have an ECG at each visit and ultrasound stress each year. I also take prescription medications (Zocor altace and) fish oil. Try to see what I eat and watch my weight.

A bypass is always dramatic. This also implies its own risks.

BTW, I had my stent implanted in May 2003, and I'm infiltrate.

Keep your husband to avoid drugs and regularly by a cardiologist.

Make sure you have the training in an approved program. He needed to stay another representative of the denominator, so actively.

Good luck! I hope you feel better soon.

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