Monday, February 1, 2010

Cervix Before Period Cervix Position Before Period??

Cervix position before period?? - cervix before period

Who knows what the cervix should be like 3 days before the period? seems really high soft and closed. Is this normal? TMI also noticed many others feel creamy discharge. TTC after a miscarriage 08 Mai. xx


ygwild said...

Only a few days before the expiry of the period is lower and closer to the vaginal opening.
If the vaginal area above the neck in front is good that you might be pregnant, was what my doctor told me.

msbroad1... said...

Before your time the cervix should be high, hard and closed. Whenever there is light, is due to estrogen and can sometimes right before your period. I also have creamy CM before my time. Usually, creamy, then go to water and protein, sometimes just before AF. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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