Monday, February 15, 2010

Boobs From Mars What Is Your Favorite Part Of The Female Body? And Tell Me Your Sign?

What is your favorite part of the female body? And tell me your sign? - boobs from mars

Girls can answer, but I am here looking for advice, especially the guys. Legs, tits, ass, smile, eyes. Whatever. And tell me your sun / moon / rising / Mars / Venus, or any other aspect you find relevant. I ask that everyone says that the eyes when there is absolutely not true. I look forward to his reaction here.


Darby Ol said...

a meter! This is my favorite part of the body. Different types of hair could attract me to

Smile is good, but only the hands

~ Gemini / Capricorn / Leo

Marisa said...

The first thing that struck me, the hair ... how it shapes, colors, and if it touches. It may seem to be stuck up or bubbles, not enough can not refer to it. Hair really talk a lot about a person, man or woman. The naturalness is really beautiful.

Leo Sun, Moon Cap

dark chocolate..yumm!.. said...

Well, I'm a girl, so I will answer this question in another way .. What I like most people's eyes and smile .. as well developed biceps body, and things are not better (if ..), but only a pleasant and healthy:)

Social Aquarius said...

Well, I'm a girl (sorry!: ()

I think the legs are very feminine and beautiful, I'm Aquarius moon CAP, increased Leo, Libra, Mars and Venus, Aquarius.


I like most is the eyes, and then from there, on the lips, and I can not forget the booty

Sun: Taurus
Moon: Libra
Rising: Virgo
Mars: Scorpio
Venus Taurus

bmw153 said...

I like the eyes ...
then the hair and the face is always a deadline lolz ..
then the legs and breasts,
lolz ..
I am a kind of cancer ..
lolz ..
E-mail if you want to ..

Emerald said...

The size and the buttocks

MarlaMar... said...

I like the ass of the woman or smile.

/ Leo Aquarius / Cancer / Aries / Aries

Wicked Witch of the Midwest said...

Stomach. mmm mmm

Sun, Moon, Venus in Scorpio, Virgo rising, Libra March

pari said...

smle or eyes, as my daughter enjoyed !!!~!!~!!~! Capricorn

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