Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prostate Cancer And Black Stool Why Are Black Men More Likely To Get Prostate Cancer?

Why are black men more likely to get prostate cancer? - prostate cancer and black stool

Someone scientific reason. As effect of skin color in us, that the production of vitamin D. Why are we willing to

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Wes said...

Home urologist Patrick Walsh, said that black men will get aggressive forms of the disease sooner return after treatment, and are more likely to die than white men. He says the reason is not known with certainty, but due to a genetic predisposition (we know that the family history of disease problems), food, and as you mentioned the lack of vitamin D.

Socioeconomic factors may be involved, and - less access to health care quality are not controlled in time, etc. There are educational campaigns in the African-American attempts to answer these questions.

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