Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pain In Palm Near Pinky Pain In Wrist, What Could It Be?

Pain in Wrist, What could it be? - pain in palm near pinky

You have pain in the wrist, hand little finger. This is a small area in the upper area of the wrist, which could connect to my side. He literally spent the night and I could not put any weight on his wrist the next morning. No swelling or bruising.

It was a week and a half and still not gain weight with a sore wrist but now you can do push-ups with little or no pain. Twisting of the hand is a little painful, but in another series of movements are very good. Is it possible that my wrist just sprained or pulled a muscle and tendon in the area during sleep or some time before going to bed? Although the palm facing down to form a loop or a small bowl contrary, it is a pain in the area that I described, but with the palm up, I feel a little or no pain.

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Lebanon Don said...

It is a muscle, bone, and is simply too much work. Hold your arm until it heals. More weight training, only extends through the arm. the muscle in his forearm, most likely.

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